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Our Mission

MMA Events Inc. was forged out of a raw desire to bring combat sports to the spotlight. Safety of competitors being our number one goal with our events, our passion is to provide local communities with high quality MMA entertainment. Creating a vehicle for up and coming local fighters to kick start their careers and test their skills in the cage.

From grappling, to sport karate, to kickboxing, to the cage we continue to provide a place where Competitors can test their skills in a fair and safe environment. MMA Events Inc. is committed to delivering top quality events to all of our competitors, while staying dedicated to creating a one of kind spectator experience. All Ages are welcome!!!.

Get ready to see some of Californias rising stars, as they start their journey. MMA Events Inc. hosts events ranging from Gi, and No Gi grappling, to Sport Karate Events, and now our most recent endeavor Live MMA. Come down and watch as these competitors hungry to stake their claim compete against the best in their class.

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